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Although we are unable to hold our usual Memorial Service and Tree of Light Service, we remember with thanksgiving those whom we love and who have now died. Having commended them to God we come to renew our trust in Christ who has defeated death and opened the way to heaven for all believers. We shall pray for ourselves, our families, and all who are bereaved that we may experience a deeper measure of God’s strength to face the future, and know the comfort of His continued presence with us.

Jesus said,

"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."

"Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Memorial Service Prayer List 2020

Kathleen, Norman and Phillip Barnett; Patrick Boyse; Frances & Emily Bull

David & Elsie Caines; Michael Carroll; Ron Carter; Julian Cox; Mary Cox; 

Maureen & Charlie Daniels; Lizzie Dellow; James Douel; Beryl Dring; Fred & Esme Duke

Claire Evans; Henrietta & Llewellyn Eynon

Derek Ford; Sarah Jane & William Henry Ford

Peter Grant; Mike & Penny Hicks; Kay Higgins; Diana Horler

Frank Jones; Joanne Jump

Rene & Jim Kennedy

Alma & Sidney Lang; Terry Lewis; Dave & Brian Lloyd

Anne Manning; Ben & Hilda Massey; Roy Miller

Franc O’Brien

Kay Poole; Jane Powell

Noah Arthur Saunders; Eric Sherwood; Lilian & Herbert Simmons; Marcus & Eric Skyrme; Anton Spencer;

Petar Stojsavljevic; John & Gay Swift

Angela Thompson; Jack & Doris Trueman; Ray Trueman

John Vale, Lillian Vale; William Vale

Julie Wells; Tim & Doreen Williams; Tina Wootten

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