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Please contact Rebecca Cross at or 07790 443 562
to find out when the next sessions run or for more information.

What is Kintsugi Hope?

“ We need to get rid of the idea that there are those people who need help and others that help people! We are all broken in some ways and  we can all learn from and help each other!”

The word Kintsugi is the name of the Japanese art form of mending broken pots with golden glue. Rather than using superglue so that the cracks are hidden , the gold makes a feature of the cracks and the item potentially becomes more beautiful …it certainly becomes more unique.



This analogy can be used for us in our lives. By facing the cracks instead of trying to hide them we can discover treasure in our scars, find beauty in our brokenness and a hope for the future! In that way we can begin the journey to become the people God intended us to be .

Kintsugi Hope is a 12 week programme run with small groups to provide safe and supportive spaces committed  to people’s wellbeing and working with an attitude of humility – not to judge, fix or rescue but to come alongside and love one another.

Come and join our group, a safe and supportive space where we share life experiences, gain strength through friendship and learn how to grow and heal together without judgment or blame. 


We cover Issues such as disappointment, loss, anxiety, anger, perfectionism, shame and resilience.

A recent participant had this to say  – ‘ I’m finding it so real and accessible making me want to shout ‘yes’ to lots of the issues raised and tackled. I wish this group had been available years ago!’

If you would like more information or to find out when our next sessions run, please contact St Mary's Church office on 0117 907 7026 or email us at

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